New Book Club To Go (BCTG) Titles

bctgLooking for new titles for your book discussion group?  We’ve recently added four new titles to our Book Club to Go collection.

The Paris architect by Charles Belfoure
A Parisian architect is paid handsomely to devise secret hiding spaces for Jews in his Nazi-occupied country but struggles with risking his life for a cause he is ambivalent towards, until a personal failure brings home their suffering.

The aviator’s wife by Melanie Benjamin
A story inspired by the marriage between Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh traces the romance between a handsome young aviator and a shy ambassador’s daughter whose relationship is marked by wild international acclaim.

Everything I never told you by Celeste Ng
A story of the divisions between cultures and the rifts within a family explores the fallout of the drowning death of Lydia Lee, the favorite daughter of a Chinese-American family in 1970s Ohio.

In the heart of the sea: the tragedy of the whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick
Recounts the story of the 1820 wreck of the whaleship Essex, which inspired Melville’s classic Moby Dick, and describes its doomed crew’s ninety-day attempt to survive whale attacks and the elements on three tiny lifeboats.

Contact the Culture & AV Division at 330-643-9015 for more information about these and other BCTG titles.  Click here for a list of all our BCTG titles.


New SF

benPower Surge by Ben Bova. Dr. Jake Ross came to Washington, D.C., to make a difference. As the science advisor to a newly-elected freshman senator, Jake has crafted a comprehensive energy plan that employs innovative new technologies to make America thechas world’s leader in energy production while simultaneously boosting the economy and protecting the environment.

Chasing the Phoenix by Michael Swanwick. In the distant future, Surplus arrives in China dressed as a Mongolian shaman, leading a yak which carries the corpse of his friend, Darger. The old high-tech world has long since collapsed, and the artificial intelligences that ran it are outlawed and destroyed. Or so it seems.

radRadiance by Catherynne M. Valente. Severin Unck’s father is a famous director of Gothic romances in an alternate 1986 in which talking movies are still a daring innovation due to the patent-hoarding Edison family. Rebelling against her father, Severin starts making documentaries, traveling through space and investigating the levitator cults of Neptune and the lawless saloons of Mars.zer

Zer0es by Chuck Wendig. An Anonymous-style rabble rouser, an Arab spring hactivist, a black-hat hacker, an old-school cipherpunk, and an online troll are each offered a choice: go to prison or help protect the United States, putting their brains and skills to work for the government for one year.


September 12 Poetry Hour

Do you like to write poetry? Read and share it with others?

Or listen to local poets read their work?

Join us:

Poetry Hour

at the Akron Summit County Public Library

Main Library, Meeting Room 1

Saturday, 3 – 4pm

September 12, 2015

Please email or call 330-643-9015 to register to read and share your poetry for a 5 minute interval. Reserve a seat to relax and enjoy the words of our local poets.

Registration is requested. Coffee and cookies provided. Adults ages 18 and over.

Poems read at the Poetry Hour should not be overtly explicit in language or subject matter.

Meeting Room door opens at 2:00 pm. Parking in the High/Market deck is free on Saturday.


New Biographies and Memoirs

thisWalking with Abel: Journeys with the Nomads of the African Savannah by Anna Badkhen, an intrepid journalist who joins the planet’s largest group of nomads on an annual migration that, like them, has endured for centuries.

This Is Not a Love Story: A Memoir by Judy Brown is a razor-sharp, hilarious, and poignant memoir about growing up in the closed world of the ultraorthodox Jewish community.

The Pawnbroker’s Daughter: A Memoir. From Pulitzer Prize winning poet Maxine Kumin comes a timeless memoir of life, love, and poetry.

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir by Felicia Day, an online entertainment mogul, actress, and “queen of the geeks.”

Love in the Elephant Tent: How Running Away with the Circus Brought Me Home by Kathleen Cremonesi, whose wanderlust took her to a job as a dancer in an Italian circus and, working her way up, becamesli an ostrich-riding, shark-taming showgirl.

Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza by Colin Atrophy Hagendorf. Over the course of two years, a twenty-something punk rocker eats a cheese slice from every pizzeria in New York City, gets sober, falls in love, and starts a blog that captures headlines around the world.

Reading Claudius: A Memoir in Two Parts by Caroline Heller, traces the lives of her parents, her uncle, and their circle of intellectuals and dreamers from Central Europe on the eve of World War II to present-day America.


Get Crafty

flowerCustom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet by Kate Atherley.

101 Socks: Circular Needles, Felted, Addi-Express, Toe Up, Crocheted, and Spiral Knit by OZ Creativ.

Knit Wear Love: Foolproof Instructions for Knitting Your Best-Fitting Sweaters Ever in the Styles You Love to Wear by Amy Herzog.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Book of Whittling: 43 Easy Projects by Chris Lubkemann.

Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flower Art with Mixed Media by Carrie Schmitt.bag

The Irish Countrywomen’s Association Book of Crafts: 40 Projects to Make at Home

Crochet Mandalas by Marinke Slump.

One-Skein Wonders for Babies: 101 Knitting Projects for Infants & Toddlers by Judith Durant.

The Big Book of Scrappy Quilts: Crib-Size to King-Size by That Patchwork Place.

Bag It! No-Sew Fabric Gift Bags by Teri Henderson Tope.

1000 New Embroidery Designs by Joan Waldman.



More Debut Fiction

inoneIn the Language of Miracles by Rajia Hassib. Emigrating from Egypt, Samir and Nagla Al-Menshawy were determined to live the American dream. After years of hard work, Samir set up his own medical practice and the family moved to an upscale New Jersey suburb; a beautiful home and a close friendship with their neighbors, the Bradstreets, made it seem as though they had finally made it. But when a devastating turn of events leaves their eldest son and the Bradstreets’ daughter dead, all their years of success begin to unravel.

100 Days of Happiness by Fausto Brizzi. What would you do if you knew you only had 100 days left to live? For Lucio Battistini, it’s a chance to spend the rest of his life the way he always should have–by making every moment count. Womanizing, imperfect but loveable Lucio has been thrown out of the house by his wife and is sleeping in the stock room of his father-in-law’s bombolini bakery when he learns forhe has inoperable cancer. So begins the last hundred days of Lucio’s life.

The Girl from the Garden by Parnaz Foroutan. Asher Malacouti heads up a thriving Jewish family in the Iranian town of Kermanshah but can’t have the one thing he wants: a male heir. Even as his wife, Rakhel, grows increasingly bitter because she cannot conceive, Asher makes a choice that drives Rakhel to extreme measures.


September First Wednesday Book Group

to kill a mockingbirdThe First Wednesday Book Group September meeting has been moved to October 7th.

The selection is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

For more information on our lively group call 330-643-9015. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm. Copies of the discussion books are available at the Culture & AV desk.

Ages 18 and over. Meeting Room 1. Door opens at 6pm.


New Historical Fiction

raceThe Race for Paris by Meg Waite Clayton. Normandy, 1944. To cover the fighting in France, Jane, a reporter for the Nashville Banner, and Liv, an Associated Press photographer, have endured enormous danger and frustrating obstacles–including strict militarydebt regulations limiting what women correspondents can. Even so, Liv wants more.

The Debt of Tamar by Nicole Dweck. It’s 1544, and young Jose Mendez and his family escape the Inquisition in Portugal with the aid of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Yet it’s only just before fleeing that Jose even finds out he’s Jewish–and that his own parents died for their faith. As he makes a new life in Istanbul, he yearns to feel connected to the parents he lost.

alexThe Courtesan by Alexandra Curry. The year is 1881, the era of China’s humiliation at the hands of imperialist Europe. Seven-year-old Jinhua is left alone and unprotected, her life transformed after her mandarin father’s summary execution for the crime of speaking the truth. As an orphan, she endures the brutal logic of a brothel-keeper, who puts her to work as a so-called money tree.


New Mysteries

hangHangman’s Game: A Nick Gallow Mystery by Bill Syken. After losing his starting position as a college quarterback to a shoulder injury, Nick has remade himself as a punter. Now in his fifth year in the pros with the Philadelphia Sentinels, Nick spends most of his time on the sidelines. But Nick is unexpectedly thrust back into the spotlight when he witnesses the murder of the new all-star draftbet pick on the eve of the team’s summer minicamp.

Better Homes and Corpses: Hamptons Home & Garden Mystery #1 by Kathleen Bridge. After Meg Barrett found her fiance still had designs on his ex-wife, she decided it was time to refurbish her life. Leaving her glamorous job at a top home and garden magazine, she fled Manhattan for Montauk, only to find decorating can sometimes lead to detecting…

barMurder at Barclay Meadow by Wendy Sand Eckel. Rosalie Hart’s world has been upended. After her husband confesses to an affair, she exiles herself to her late aunt’s farmhouse on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. With its fields untended and the house itself in disrepair, Barclay Meadow couldn’t be more different than the tidy D.C. suburb she used to call home. Just when Rosalie feels convinced things couldn’t get any worse, she finds a body floating in her marsh grasses.

No Comfort for the Lost: A Mystery of Old San Francisco by Nancy Herriman. After serving as a nurse in the Crimea, British-born Celia Davies left her privileged family for an impulsive marriage to a handsome Irishman. Patrick brought her to San Francisco’s bustling shores but then disappeared and is now presumed dead. Determined to carry on, Celia partnered with her half-Chinese cousin Barbara andpin her opinionated housekeeper Addie to open a free medical clinic for women.

Hostage Taker by Stefanie Pintoff. In the hushed quiet of early morning Manhattan, in front of the towering brass doors of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, a young woman holds a sign that reads: “HELP ME.” For one FBI agent, a madman’s terrified hostages, and an entire city, a long and harrowing day is about to unfold.


By Women and For Women

celtThe Daughters by Adrienne Celt. Since the difficult birth of her daughter, renowned opera sensation Lulu can t bring herself to sing a note. Haunted by a curse that traces back through the women in her family, she fears that the loss of her remarkable talent and the birth of her daughter are somehow inexplicably connected.

Mrs. Sinclair’s Suitcase by Louise Walters. Roberta, a lonely thirty-four-year-old, works at The New and Old Bookshop in England.mrs When she finds a letter inside her centenarian grandmother’s battered old suitcase that hints at a dark secret, her understanding of her family’s history is completely upturned.

eveEverybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford. At 26, Evelyn Beegan is the product of new money, propelled by her social-climbing mother through an elite prep school, a posh college, and into Manhattan. Evelyn has always managed to stay just on the periphery of this world her mother so desperately wants her to become a part of. But when she takes a job at a new social networking site aimed at her very elite peers, she’s forced to leverage her few connections to work her way to the front of the pack.

A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan.  Alice Pearse, an optimistic and reasonably contented wife, mother, and part-time editoreli suddenly gets a smashing full-time job at Scroll, a hip start-up with a string of fashionable literary lounges devoted to the classics. Is Alice on the verge of having it all? And does she really want it?