The Way We Live Now

Technology collides with Trollope!  I’ve been reading WWLN on my ipad, with ibooks. I’ve been using its handy functions to highlight phrases, make bookmarks, and using the ibooks dictionary for words rather than just guessing meanings–all has been excellent!  Until the other day when I opened my ibooks library and the book was GONE!  It’s a Project Gutenberg book I downloaded through our library, so it has no due date, I have it as long as I like.  I must have deleted the book, maybe while I was downloading some new titles recently. After my initial shock, I downloaded it again.  The big surprise was. . . my bookmarks, and notes came back too!  I do not know why or how any of this happened, but I’m just relieved!

While the biggest plot events in this segment may be Melmotte’s election to Parliment, and his party for the Chinese emperor, the most touching part seems to be the reconciliation of Paul Montague and Hetta Carbury.  They appear to be starting a relationship based on love, and accepting each other as they are, flaws and all–no status or fortune seem involved here!  Hetta says, “I suppose we ought to love the best people best; but I don’t, Paul.”  She respects Roger Carbury, but can’t love him.  Paul learned some lessons from his relationship with Mrs. Hurtle, avoiding any horsewhipping!



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