Akron Sudoku Tournament 2012


Do you Sudoku?

The Akron-Summit County Public Library


The First (Ever) Akron Sudoku Tournament!

November 10th, 2012 Main Library Meeting Room 2AB 1-4pm

2012 Akron Sudoku Tournament Scores

Sudoku enthusiasts competed to complete Sudoku puzzles provided by New York Times editor Will Shortz.  The puzzles began easy and got progressively harder. Prizes were awarded to the top three finalists.

The 2012 Akron Sudoku Tournament winners are:

2012 Akron Sudoku Tournament Finalists

1st place : Dorothy Klein

2nd place : Chris Kessinger

3rd place : Michael O’Connell


The Tournament Challenge:

There were three general rounds, plus a championship round.  During each round, contestants had twenty minutes to solve three Sudoku puzzles.  When finished (or when the time was up), the puzzles were collected and our judges scored them.  The top three finalists (top three cumulative scores) were announced after the third round.  They then competed against each other in the championship round with the most difficult Sudoku puzzle on the auditorium stage.

Afterward, one of our contestants wrote an entry for his sudoku blog describing both the tournament and the championship puzzle (dated November 12, 2012). http://sysudoku.com/


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