Parking garage walkway at Akron Main Library

Board of Trustees Committees

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Lolita Adair, Chair
John Frola, Jr.
Ray Weber
William D. Rich

Finance Committee

John Frola, Jr., Chair
Ray Weber
William D. Rich
Michelle Scarpitti, ex officio

Marketing Communications & Library Services Committee

Bernie Rochford
William D. Rich
Carla Davis, ex officio
Pam Hickson-Stevenson, ex officio

Personnel Committee

Bernie Rochford, Chair
Lolita Adair
William D. Rich
Lisa Peercy, ex officio

Trustees Council Representative

William D. Rich, Representative
Lolita Adair, Alternate

The Director serves as an ex officio members of all standing committees.


Last Updated: July 2014